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Louisiana Key Academy opens state-of-the-art Starmount Science Engineering Lab to students

Baton Rouge-based Louisiana Key Academy recently opened a state-of-the-art engineering lab to students.  The lab is the result of research performed by Louisiana Key Academy science lab teacher, Mr. Anthony Johnson and is specifically designed to effectively teach the dyslexic student by providing multisensory hands-on activities that align with core science units.  The lab was funded through a generous donation to the school by Starmount Life Insurance Company.

The new Starmount Science Engineering Lab aligns hands-on engineering tasks to the Academic Labs for each grade level. The tasks are designed to build oral language, vocabulary, and application of math and science skills.  The engineering lab uses the Sea of Strength Model where students use critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity to engineer products in all fields of science. Examples of activities include “Cleaning an oil spill”, “Designing parachutes”, and “Designing Knee Braces” among several other engaging, real-world topics.

“The funding provided by Starmount enabled us to bring Mr. Johnson’s vision to reality for our students,” said Dr. Laura Cassidy, Louisiana Key Academy founder and president of the school’s board of directors.  “This state-of-the-art lab is so exciting for our students.  It shows our mission in action.  Every day, we implement evidence-based instruction models specifically designed for students with dyslexia.  The ability to have this multisensory science experience will help our students to learn and put their lessons into practice.  It’s one of a kind in our area, and we are proud to have it here at Louisiana Key Academy.”

“Our sponsorship of Louisiana Key Academy is driven by our belief that every child deserves a brighter future through great educational opportunities,” said Erich Sternberg, CEO of Starmount. “Starmount and our Unum Group family are in the business of protecting our customers and their families with our supplemental benefits. Our commitment to social responsibility is a natural extension of that business, and we actively support the community in which we live and work.”

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